Flood Insurance Scope of Coverage and Why This Matters to You

Whether you believe it or not, every household in Miami FL is indeed at some degree of flood risk. This is further proven by the fact that as much as 20% of the claims that NFIP received last year were filed by people who don’t live in high-risk flood areas. So, regardless of where you […]

How Flood Insurance Secures You from Incurring Financial Losses in Florida

Did you know that flood coverage isn’t included in your homeowners’ insurance policy? Since the flood risk is very much real in Florida, you need a separate flood insurance policy to secure your belongings. The cost of flood insurance in Florida isn’t too expensive right now, but it may soon increase to meet the rising […]

Buying Flood Insurance in Miami is More Important than You Think

There is no way you can ever get away from floods. Unlike hurricanes that occur during a particular season, a flood can happen at any time. It can catch you when you put your guard down. The financial impact of losses you incur will be much more than the flood insurance you can buy for […]

Flood Insurance in Florida – Know Your Risk Before Buying a Policy

There is never getting away from floods when they happen. Almost the whole of Florida is a flood zone. You need to be concerned about that since flooding can cause devastating losses to you. The restoration costs alone could run into thousands of dollars for a couple of inches of flood. On the other hand, […]

Things You Must Consider Before Buying Flood Insurance in Broward County

Broward County is known for its mesmerizing beaches and coastline. However, the area also experiences severe flooding events now and then. Just a few months ago, in November 2020, a foot of rainfall caused massive flooding throughout the county. Streets began to look like canals. Losses caused by these floods are estimated to peak hundreds […]

Flood Insurance in Florida May Become Costlier Soon – Act Today

Two major catastrophic events happen all around the state of Florida every year – hurricanes and floods. Floods in particular have caused maximum damages to the entire country, with losses running into hundreds of billions of dollars. Despite that, most people do not request a free Florida flood insurance quote to date. Why is that? […]

Average Cost of Flood Insurance in Broward County Florida

Get the Best Flood Insurance Quotes in Miami to Safeguard Your Property

If you have not bought a flood insurance policy in Miami yet, do it right away. The threat of flooding is very much real in Florida. The entire state is a high-risk flood zone. This means that even if it hasn’t flooded in your area until now, it may still happen. Worse, it may catch […]

Flood Insurance in Broward County is a Must – Here’s Why

Over the years, the average cost of flood insurance in Broward Country Florida has become very competitive. This means that if you haven’t bought one yet, this is the time you should go ahead and buy a flood insurance policy and secure your home with all its contents. Broward County falls within the boundaries of […]

Flood Insurance Costs Can Change Based on These Factors

Floods occur in Florida almost every year. The effect of floods is felt more in coastal areas compared to those in in inland areas. Even then, you can never predict how much damage your property can incur when it floods. A rough estimate suggests that an inch of flooding is enough to cause damages worth […]

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