How to Protect Your Home From Floods: A Guide to Flood Insurance in Miami

The risk of flooding in Miami is real, and it’s important that homeowners in the area take steps to protect their properties from the potential damages of flooding. This guide will provide an overview of flood insurance in Miami, including what it covers and how to go about getting it. What is Flood Insurance? Flood […]

The Things You Want to Think About When Getting a Flood Insurance Quote

Adverse weather is something all Floridians must endure. We have tremendous amounts of rain and are frequently threatened by hurricanes. These events can cause significant flooding to your home.  Most people assume that their homeowners insurance will cover everything. This is not true and you must purchase flood insurance separately. Finding the right policy can […]

4 Reasons Why Your Home Needs a Flood Insurance Policy

Flooding is the most common natural disaster in the US. It’s not just the residents of high-risk areas who are at risk from floods. You might be surprised to know that a quarter of flood insurance claims come from areas that are designated as moderate-to-low-risk flood zones. Therefore, it is important to buy a flood […]

How Do You Determine the Flood Risk of Your Florida Property

Many people still do not understand the threat potential of flooding. Most of these people are those who live in low flood-risk areas or those who have never experienced a flood before. As many as 25% of these people alone file a claim for flood insurance damages every year. According to FEMA (Federal Emergency Management […]

Risk Rating 2.0 Update and How You Are Affected by It

The sea level around South Florida is steadily rising every year. Don’t be surprised if you see more floods happening in your area very soon. With a higher flood risk, your flood insurance premium will rise too, courtesy of the Risk Rating 2.0 update. However, this update for flood insurance in the Miami Dade area […]

Just How Much Can Your Insurance Policy Protect You from Flood Damage

Floods are not a rare occurrence in Florida. As a matter of fact, the risk of flooding in the state is only going up every year. Miami, being one of the top cities of the state, isn’t spared by such damages. So, if you haven’t bought flood insurance yet, you must do it now! Contact […]

Here’s What You Must Know Before Buying Flood Insurance in 2022

You need flood insurance in Florida, even when it is not mandatory as per the state laws. After all, the entire state is at flood risk in varying capacities. But how do you the best of flood companies in Florida? What are the factors that can determine the best insurance plan and company for you? […]

How the New Flood Insurance Changes in 2022 Affect You

Don’t be surprised if you see your premium for flood insurance in Miami Dade County increase next year substantially. Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is all set to launch Risk Rating 2.0 by April 2022. The latest policy change seeks to take the financial burden off those with low-value properties and put it on high-value […]

Flood Insurance Scope of Coverage and Why This Matters to You

Whether you believe it or not, every household in Miami FL is indeed at some degree of flood risk. This is further proven by the fact that as much as 20% of the claims that NFIP received last year were filed by people who don’t live in high-risk flood areas. So, regardless of where you […]

How Flood Insurance Secures You from Incurring Financial Losses in Florida

Did you know that flood coverage isn’t included in your homeowners’ insurance policy? Since the flood risk is very much real in Florida, you need a separate flood insurance policy to secure your belongings. The cost of flood insurance in Florida isn’t too expensive right now, but it may soon increase to meet the rising […]

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