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    The state of Florida has over a thousand miles of coastline. This means that if floods ever hit the state, people all across Florida will be affected by it. That is how it exactly happens, year after year. A lot of people do make their arrangements to stay safe when floods hit the streets. However, many of them miss the one important thing that can save them a lot of money – Florida flood insurance.

    No matter how much you try to protect your property, floods are going to cause some damage to your property. You can only hope for this damage to be minimal. Other than that, you can buy flood insurance in Florida to ensure that even those losses do not lead to a monetary loss for you.

    What is Flood Insurance?

    Flood insurance is a very specific kind that covers flood-related losses only. These losses can be caused by water either overflowing into the house or causing seepage from outside/below the house. Flood insurance companies in Florida cover all of the losses caused to the structure of your house. Your insurance can also cover losses caused to all of your personal items that get damaged due to flooding.

    Do You Need to Buy Flood Insurance Separately?

    Indeed, you do. Many people wrongly perceive that their homeowner’s insurance policy naturally covers losses caused due to a flood. You have to buy this insurance separately. You are free to not purchase flood insurance coverage if your home is not located within a flood zone. But remember, a nominally-priced flood insurance plan is always a better pick than no insurance at all. Your home may get damaged, even if partly, say 10 years down the line. You will at that time need this insurance to cover the losses.

    Do You Need Flood Insurance If It’s Not Your House

    Several people prefer not to buy flood insurance since they only rented the house. While this may save them from liability for structural damages, they will still need to safeguard their own belongings. Buying Florida flood insurance under their name will give them the right insurance to cover all of their assets.

    Should You Buy Flood Insurance at All?

    If you live in a flood-prone area and want to have financial security in case of a flooding event, you should absolutely consider purchasing flood insurance coverage. Our Florida flood insurance plans are competitively-priced and have been customized to suit all of your needs. Give us a call today to discuss more on the best flood insurance quote in Florida.

    What All Gets Covered Under A Flood Insurance Policy?

    Flood insurance covers all kinds of structural damages caused to your house up to policy limits you choose. In addition to this, in many policies, you can also claim a cash insurance claim against losses caused to your personal items/belongings. You may also have to purchase additional coverage for other items outside the house, such as trees, swimming pool, walkways, etc.

    What is Not Covered Under Flood Insurance?

    Any damage caused to your house or items due to some leakage, seepage, or another kind of water damage not caused by floods isn’t covered. Even if the wind-driven rain causes the damage, you cannot seek flood insurance claim against it.

    What Must You Do Before the Floods Arrive?

    • Speak to your insurance company and buy a comprehensive flood insurance plan.
    • Assess the flood risk as it is in your region. Evacuate if it is unavoidable.
    • Protect all the wires and sockets that can come in contact with water in the best way you can manage.
    • Consider raising the height of your building, or at least elevating the lowest level so that floodwater cannot enter your house.
    • Stock all emergency supplies that can keep you going for a few days at minimum (should include flashlight, first-aid kit, some cash, food and water, etc.)
    • Keep yourself updated with the latest news related to floods.

    What is the Waiting Period for Flood Insurance?

    According to the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), there is a 30-day waiting period. If you have recently purchased a new home, along with the plan, the policy will be applicable from day one. You can speak with our associates to gain a better understanding of the best applicable flood insurance quote in Florida for you.

    How Can You File a Claim?

    You must know that there are different procedures for reporting claims, according to the insurance partner you choose with us. On your part, all you need to do is give us a call and explain your position. We will get you connected to the right person in right away!

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