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    The Insurance Guy Difference

    It’s crazy, right?

    It seems like every year, Homeowners insurance rates in Florida are going up and up and up! Homeowners insurance in Florida has gotten so expensive that it has become a very large part of every family’s budget. Getting quotes from The Insurance Guy will ensure you’re getting a great rate!

    How Do I Know If I’m Covered?

    And now to make matters worse, carriers have been adding all kinds of exclusions to the policies. How do you keep track of it all? Homeowners coverage is as unique to each home as you are to your neighbors. Are you properly covered for Hurricane or Windstorm damage? Do you have coverage in the event of a flood? Are your jewelry and fine arts sufficiently covered by your Homeowners policy? What if you are just a renter?

    What Makes The Insurance Guy Different?
    We take pride in offering More Choices, Better Rates!

    The Insurance Guy is here to help! Our team takes great pride in helping you get every possible discount you can to lower your premiums (see our page on how to get Homeowners discounts here). Allow us to review your current policy, see what discounts you are missing out on, and we’ll find you the comprehensive coverage at the right price you deserve! We represent over 50 insurance carriers and can customize your policy to suit your unique needs and budget.

    The Insurance Guy has the knowledge, experience and policies to protect you and your assets. We will assist you with your Primary Home, Seasonal or Vacation Home, Investment Properties for Rent, Personal Liability and Umbrellas, Flood, and Inland Marine (Fine Arts and Jewelry).

    Homeowners / Property Insurance

    Get a quote and you could save thousands!

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