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    The Insurance Guy Difference

    Full Coverage? PIP? UM? You need an agent who will take the time to explain your coverage options so you know you’re getting the best coverage for the money. The Insurance Guy can customize your policy to suit your needs! We represent over 50 insurance carriers and will recommend coverage that protects you with the lowest premiums in Florida!

    Are You Covered?

    Don’t be left without coverage in the event of a claim! Do you drive for Uber, UberEats or Lyft? Do you have Uninsured Motorist coverage? Will your policy respond if there is a driver using your vehicle that is not listed on your policy?

    What Makes The Insurance Guy Different?
    We take pride in offering More Choices, Better Rates!

    We are here with the answers to your questions and to put your mind at ease. We know price is important to working families. We also know having the proper coverage is vital, so you have the protection you need in the event of a claim. We want to be your trusted advisor to find you the coverage to suit your needs, a price that is competitive, and a company you can depend on!

    Automobile Insurance

    Get a quote and you could save hundreds!

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