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Are you a real estate professional? Does your livelihood depend on timely sales and closings? When you have worked so hard to get your customer to the closing table, the last thing you need is a hold-up!

We know insurance can have surprises, especially if you wait until the last minute to try to secure coverage. Sometimes, an inspection causes a problem on an older home, sometimes the premium is higher than you expected.

The Insurance Guy takes pride in the efficient, no-hassle service we provide to our real estate partners. We have a broad range of carriers – so we are competitive on every house or condo. We help your customers take advantage of every possible discount available and work with them to rapidly schedule their inspections. We’ll quickly provide your client with a bindable quote, so that YOU can have your proof of insurance (certificates and evidences), in your closing package with plenty of time!

We understand the pressure you are under as a closing approaches. The Insurance Guy has a full team at your disposal to make the insurance side of your transaction as seamless as possible. Give us a call or start a quote now. We want to earn your business on every deal!

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