Flood Insurance in Broward County is a Must – Here’s Why

Over the years, the average cost of flood insurance in Broward Country Florida has become very competitive. This means that if you haven’t bought one yet, this is the time you should go ahead and buy a flood insurance policy and secure your home with all its contents. Broward County falls within the boundaries of the FEMA maps. This means, as its resident, you live in a flood risk zone, and so have to buy a flood insurance policy, which is for your own good.

But Why Buy a Policy?

Because you cannot even think about living in a flood-risk zone without proper coverage. Consider this, the average losses an inch of flooding can cause go into thousands of dollars. Imagine how much damage you could be looking at if it floods more than that. As compared to them, a flood insurance policy costs a few hundred dollars per year, on average.

Is the Flood Insurance Cost Same for All?

Not necessarily. There are different flood zones, lined up according to the risk a flooding event poses there. So, a high-risk flood zone may be paying more than a low-risk flood zone. Having said that the entire state of Florida is a flood zone, including Broward County. So, there is absolutely no way you can get away without a flood insurance policy. Floods may happen today or 30 years later, or sometime in between. But they are bound to happen, and cause devastating damages. It’s better if you prepare yourself for that starting today.

What Plans are Best for You

This depends. Most of the people in Florida currently are signed up with the National Flood Insurance Policy (NFIP). This is because NFIP is a federal policy that provides affordable coverage to everyone who lives in a flood zone. However, the flood insurance limit is capped under the policy. You can avail up to $250,000 in coverage for home structure, as well as $100,000 coverage for the contents you have inside. And that is that.

Alternatively, you can buy a private flood insurance policy that is more flexible and offers a range of plans to choose from. You can find many such companies offering flood insurance in Broward County. Their plans can be customized as per your need. For instance, you can omit a few items that are covered under a regular NFIP policy. This reduces the flood insurance premium you need to pay against it. You can also make some additions to the policy for certain items that don’t get coverage under NFIP, and pay a higher premium accordingly.

The best part about private flood insurance is that there is no certain coverage cap you need to be concerned about. You can choose a plan, pay an annual premium as per your need, and avail coverage without any hassle in times of need. If you have any questions regarding these policies, you can call your local flood insurance agency and have them explain everything to you in detail.

You can contact your nearest insurance company to get a free quote as well as the average cost of flood insurance in Broward County Florida. Give them a call today to know more.