Flood Insurance

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    Buy Flood Insurance in Broward

    Just like Miami-Dade county, Broward county experiences devastating damages due to floods almost every year. The primary reasons behind these floods are heavy rainfall and rising sea level, causing tides to sweep the roads. This is why it’s important that you purchase an optimal flood insurance policy in Broward County Florida. This insurance policy will cover all of your material losses caused by floods so that you can build them again when the floods recede.

    Many homeowners do not buy flood insurance in Broward county separately. They believe that since they have homeowners insurance, it will cover all of the losses incurred within their premises. However, certain events such as natural flood events do not come under the purview of homeowners insurance. You need a separate flood insurance policy that can cover the losses caused by floods financially.

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    What Does Your Flood Insurance Cover?

    Flood insurance for Broward County covers almost everything that is inside of your home. In general, the following things are covered by flood insurance:

    • Most of your in-house appliances
    • Carpets and window curtains
    • Permanent installations, such as cabinets, bookcases, etc.
    • Stairs and foundation walls
    • Clothing, electronic equipment, furniture, and other personal property items

    What Your Flood Insurance Doesn’t Cover?

    Your flood insurance covers damage caused by floods. However, it may not cover certain things, such as:

    • Avoidable moisture damage that is not related to flood
    • Earth movement damage, even when the flood led to that shake-up
    • An unmaintained building that needs urgent repairs
    • Any loss incurred in business due to a reduction in work caused by flood
    • Automobiles
    • Currency, stock certificates, and other precious valuables
    When Should You Purchase Flood Insurance?

    You need flood insurance to mitigate any financial threats caused by floods. However, you cannot redeem its benefits instantly. You have to purchase the policy at least 30 days before you are eligible to file a claim (otherwise known as the “grace period”). There are certain exceptions to this rule too, such as for those who can access these benefits from the day they purchase a house. Speak to our team to learn more about this.

    Why Choose The Insurance Guy?

    We offer you the benefit of choosing from more than one insurance carrier, allowing you to take advantage of the best possible coverage at the lowest rate. We work in association with some of the leading insurance companies in the entire U.S. Many of them specialize in flood insurance, allowing you to get the maximum coverage out of your policy. We can, of course, help you make the right choice among them without breaking a sweat.

    Even a few inches of water can surprisingly spring up losses amounting to thousands of dollars. But if you have flood insurance, you can rest easy. You can call us to get a quick personalized flood insurance quote in Broward County for your property.

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    Flood Insurance

    Get a quote and you could save thousands!

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